Verz. - Interactive Freestyle Rap Application

My Role


Fullstack Developer

UI/UX Designer


Jan 2023 - Present


Verz is an innovative web application that acts as a tools to help user enhance freestyle rap skills through its rhyme and lyrics generation capabilities. Emphasize on the customizability, user can use the tools as a guidance for beginner, or as a practice methods for professional.

This is originally made for my Bsc. thesis project as well.


I utilized Next.js as the main framework for fullstack development. Authentication is handled by Next-auth with connection to 3rd parties OAuth providers like Google and Github. Prisma is used as the ORM to connect to the PostgreSQL database hosted on Supabase. The application is deployed on Vercel.

Rhyme and lyrics generation is being handled by Datamuse API. The raw data is then processed through Next.js API routes to apply user customized settings and then sent back to the frontend.

Architecture: Verz is being created with the latest cutting edge technologies and frameworks.

Responsive: Not only Verz is responsive on different devices, but it also implement PWA to give a native app experience to the user as well.

Tech Stacks:

Front End:

> Next.js

> styled-components

> Framer Motion

> Zustand

> Nivo

Back End:

> Prisma

> PostgreSQL

> Supabase

> Next-auth


> Vite

> Git

> Figma

> Prettier

> ESLint